NVC Boston

NVC Boston is dedicated to sharing nonviolent communication (NVC) as a way to contribute to more connection and harmony in the world. Through workshops, classes and ongoing empathy sessions they provide people in the Boston area with opportunities to learn how to use language to connect and re-connect.  

We work with non-profits, government, businesses, communities and individuals to educate, train, and resolve conflict. We offer the following services:

  • NVC Mediation
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Facilitated Couples Empathy
  • Customized NVC Workshops and Seminars
  • One-on-One Deep Empathy Sessions

We will not be offering any workshops until the fall.  Have a great summer!



 The 12th Annual New York NVC Intensive  in peaceful Garrison, NY

July 11 – 18, 2015

2015 Trainer Team:

Gail Carroll, Nancy Kahn, Paul Merrill, Marie Miyashiro, Yoram Mosenzon

Energize your life and enhance your relationships…

Do you want more harmony in your family? More authenticity with your partner? Help resolving ongoing conflicts? This year’s trainers bring years of expertise supporting people in every kind of relationship! Come with your most challenging relationship questions and get the support you’re longing for! renew your community…

 Come together in community to practice, experience and live the NVC consciousness.

 Get inspired watching this work in action and learn ways to apply the NVC process in your community.

 Skilled assistants support individual healing, facilitate reconnection, and model living this consciousness.

 Beginner? Special FUNdamentals track for beginners with thorough coverage of NVC basics.

 Experienced? Make requests for sessions on topics of interest to you!

 The Empathy Labyrinth returns!  Marc Weiner’s kinesthetic work


Mediate Your Life “Healing and Reconciliation” workshop

When: November 13- 16, 2014
Where: The Grove New Haven, CT

The focus of this 4-day intensive workshop training will be how to respond to past emotional hurt and pain that can be the deeper cause of conflict. Through a series of role-playing exercises, participants will discover different ways to heal themselves- and to also help other people heal. The training covered will include:

•    The Healing & Reconciliation Process

•    Making Amends

•    Enemy Image Process role-play

•    Group Decision Making process

Info and registration HERE.