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CU Gail on her 60thGail Carroll

Gail (Shivani) lives in Watertown, MA with her 16 year old daughter, who has also recently begun to teach NVC!  After studying NVC for several years, Gail attended and graduated from BayNVC’s Intensive year-long Leadership Program in 2006 – and has been passionate about NVC ever since!

She began teaching NVC in 2006, with the transformative power of compassion as the foundation of her practice and teaching.

In 2009, she co-organized the first NVC Mediation Immersion Program to be held on the east coast – facilitated by John Kinyon and Ike Lasater.  This program continues to train mediators, and others who wish to use NVC to increase their ability to resolve personal and interpersonal conflicts.  In 2012, she was a co-trainer in that year long program.

She is also co-organizer of the week long NVC Residential Intensive offered annually for the last 9 years in upstate New York as the NVC New York Intensive.

Gail has a private practice in the Boston area, offering private clients/couples NVC empathy and mediation. Her background before NVC includes 25 years as a line producer in film and tv production. She deeply values her spiritual practices of meditation and seeing humanity in all, and was drawn to NVC as a strategy that provided a way to bring this part of herself into her day to day living and relationships.  She and her partner Paul Merrill very much enjoy teaching The Alchemy of Relationship workshops where they share  how NVC has enriched their own relationship. To her, NVC is “walking the talk.” You can email Gail by clicking here or you can call her at 617-393-3773.

Pat Arcady

As a child, when I voiced an opinion that disagreed with my parents, they would emphatically tell me “you don’t know what you are talking about.” After a while, I believed them. I decided to be obedient and silent to achieve harmony, and strove for perfection hoping to gain their acceptance. The upside –I became an (over) achiever and a leader; the downside — when someone disagreed with me,I was flooded by fear of losing acceptance. As an adult, I had a limited repertoire of responses to conflict: guilt, denial, silent brooding, or anger. NVC taught me how to broaden my options to include more heart-centered and less clenched-fist styles of response.

My NVC learning path includes completing the first BayNVC Leadership Training in 2001, attending numerous residential and weekend retreats throughout the country, several of these with Marshal Rosenberg, the founder of NVC. In 2003, I began teaching NVC workshops in the New England area and hosted a weekly practice group in Boston for 4 1/2 years. In 2010, I completed the East Coast NVC Mediation training program and continue with the program now.

After 33+ years of management and training experience in both for profit and nonprofit organizations, I have recently launched Arcady Mediation, a consulting practice specializing in mediation services; customized conflict resolution coaching; and training for leaders of small businesses and nonprofit organizations. I coach leaders on how to have ‘challenging conversations’ in order to increase the levels of alignment, collaboration and partnership throughout the organization. As a speaker and trainer, I especially enjoy delivering highly interactive workshops designed to balance the challenge of skill development and personal growth with the support needed to take such risks. You can reach me directly through email by clicking here.


Paul Merrill is a co-trainer at NVC Boston with Shivani Carroll. He enjoys sharing the NVC skills that have been supportive to their relationship. His NVC studies began in 2002 and he is a 2005 graduate of Bay NVC’s Leadership Program. Prior to moving back to Boston, Paul was a founding board member and co-trainer at Brooklyn NVC. In 2012, he co-facilitated Mediate Your Life’s East Coast immersion program at Essex MA. He has been repeatedly invited to assist at the annual New York NVC Intensive, as well at NVC trainings at the United Nations, in Belgium and Poland.