What People Say

Gail and Paul are a wonderfully compassionate team. Their work is, in earnest, to help others understand and implement NVC. They do so through listening without judgment, helpful exercises and mediation. My husband and I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Gail and Paul for helping us cultivate more empathy, love and forgiveness in our marriage.

Amazingly, our work with them not only enriched our marriage but also our relationships with co-workers, family members, and friends. We discovered that NVC is a transformative technique, and Gail and Paul are extremely gifted practitioners.

Kate SBoston, MA

Gail and Paul bring two equally important things to their work as trainers: a concrete, applicable tool set, and a warmth of empathic presence. I really enjoy and appreciate the way their individual perspectives on the work seem to complement each other well when they lead workshops together!

Veronica BCambridge, MA

I am in awe of your skills in helping us to move into a more empathic, more compassionate reality. I feel a renewed passion for widening and deepening awareness and the practice of such a change—and into policy. Can we petition for workshops in the Congress?

Pat SWaltham, MA

Many thanks for the excellent NVC session in Concord yesterday! Specifically, thanks for the professional and useful materials, and your expert presentation, as well as your thoughtful and thought-provoking facilitation. Especially helpful were your live demonstrations of NVC practice and techniques throughout the day.

Roger MLincoln, MA

Thank you so much for an awesome training session. This program could be truly life-altering. It was the first day-long workshop that I can recall having attended, where I felt more energetic afterward, instead of less. (Even after an excellent workshop, one usually feels tired; but not so after this one.) There was something very energizing and empowering, and yet calming, about all the empathy in the room.

Pat MBoston, MA

Shivani and Paul are absolutely terrific teachers and coaches. They’ve been very involved in the world of NVC for a long time. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk it with beauty and grace. They balance clear and thoughtful skills-building, based on years of teaching, with genuine empathy. Not a treacly sweet empathy, but an empathy grounded in compassion, spirit, and lived experience.

Tracy BCambridge, MA